Home haircut tutorial 2020

Home haircut tutorial  and tips 2020

In this video, you can find all tips & tricks on how to cut your own hair at home 2020. You’ll need the following:  sharp, handheld, scissors, mirror, comb, and hair clippers.

1. Wet your hair — when you’re finished, towel dry. 2. Comb up off the sides and find where you normally part your hair which sections your hair. 3. Hair clippers typically have 5 attachments and micro-adjustments. Alpha starts with #4. Start at the temple, go up, and fade out (not up and over). Repeat to the other side. Last, grab your handheld mirror and do the back 5. Next up is the #3 attachment and then the #2 attachment. When he goes to #1, he moves the blade as far out as it can go. He fades lower at sideburn and base of neck for a tighter look. Roll the clippers for a gradual fade rather than a hard line. 6. Clean up around the ear and neck — you may need help as this step is a bit tricky. Go nice and slow. 7. Progress to the top of your head — your hair needs to be dampened on the top. Then pull up a section and cut a bit of the end off. Move section by section over your hair.