Chris Evans aka Captain America Haircut

Chris Evans aka Captain America Haircut


Hollywood famous actor Chris Evans is on the top of his acting career thanks to the famous Marvel character Captain America. We can say that Chris Evans Haircut is also in the finest position.  The last movie he made is Avengers: Infinity War, in that movie, Evans has the best haircut so far. In that movie, we can’t say that Captain America had the main role. But there is hope for Chris Evans and Captain America to get into more fights in the next movie predicted to be out in 2019, Avengers: Endgame.


Captain America Haircut

Actor Chris Evans haircut style Captain America

The best haircut to start with is the famous Captain America. This haircut is very stylish, we can call it 80s modern version hairstyle.


Slicked Back Version

Slicked back version Chris Evans haircut

This haircut is ideal for business people who want to leave an impression.


Long Textured Slick Back haircut

Chris Evans Long Textured haircut

Chris Evans is like a rock star with this hairstyle. The beard is also an essential part of the picture and gives a dangerous look.


Fade Hairstyle With Light Color

Chris Evans haircut with light color

I am not sure if Chris Evans used dye in this version, but you can agree that in this picture his hair is lighter than on the others. Maybe the reason for that is that on other haircuts he uses hair gel which darkens your hair.


School Boy Captain America Haircut

Chris Evans School Boy haircut american

In this version, you can see the hair is not wet, and it is combed on the side like a mother combs her son hair before he goes to school.


Dangerous Looking Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Chris Evans Dangerus Buz Cut haircut
Chris Evans Buz Cut Haircut

Female fans love a man with grown hair, maybe something mysterious is in long hair, but in this version of buzz cut hairstyle, you must agree that Chris Evans looks serious and dangerous.


Avengers: Infinity War – Chris Evans Haircut

Evans haircut Captain America style
Chris Evans haircut Captain America

Without a doubt, this is the best haircut Chris Evans ever had. Long beard with a much longer hair that is combed all the way back makes Captain America serious in his job. This hairstyle will make everyone serious in

whatever job you are doing.

We will see what type of hairstyle will Captain America choose for the next movie. Can it be better as the last one?