11 Burst Fade Haircuts 2019

Burst fade haircut is without a doubt one of the most popular haircut for 2019. Many people got inspired to try burst fade in 2019 thanks to the inspirational celebrities who wear burst fade haircut with style.

Burst Fade Mohawk with Line Up

Burst Fade haircut 2019

Line up on each side give the burst fade a whole new look.


Curls with Burst Fade with Beard

Curls with Burst Fade with Beard 2019

Beard is in addition to this haircut; you should strongly consider this type of beard with this type of burst fade.


Burst Fade on Long Hair

Long hair combed back with a burst fade on sides is a perfect haircut for 2019.


Mohawk Trimmed with Style

Mohawk Trimmed with Style 2019

Trimms on each side on a burst fade is the perfect combination. The Mohawk can be longer or shorter; it all depends on your decision.


Comb Over Burst Fade

Comb Over Burst Fade

Burst fade on a side with a waxed comb over the head is a good solution for a perfect haircut in 2019.


Burst fade with Cool Design

Burst fade with Cool Design 2019

When you decide to go with a burst fade, you can also create a design. Look how cool is this design, but you can go with whatever other design you like to go.


Faux Hawk with Spikes

Burst-Fade-Faux-Hawk-Haircut 2019

Line up on a burst fade is a cool haircut, and the spikes on a top of the head just scream that this is one of the best haircuts for 2019.


Curls on Top Burst Fade on Bottom

Burst-Taper-Fade-Curly-Hair-Top 2019

This hairstyle is only usable by a men who have curly hair; if you don’t have curly hair, then I am afraid this is not a good haircut for you.


Flat Top with Burst Fade

haircut 2019

This haircut reminds us of the 80s and cool afro haircut. But this is 2019 and burst fade in addition to this haircut which makes it perfect for 2019.


Minimum Burst Fade on Cool Hairstyle


Looks like a mohawk but it is not Mohawk. It is a modern version of 2019 burst fade haircut with spikes on the top.


Clean Burst Fade with Comb Over a Line

Clean Burst Fade with Comb Over a Line 2019

Hairstyle for serious guys only no doubt about it.