Celebrities are always an inspiration for the general public, people like to copy the style, fashion sense and attire of their favourite celebrities. It is said that hairs play an important role in the beautification of one’s face, therefore, one should pay attention and spend some quality time to style and ornament of hairs, and when you feel you are out of ideas and can’t decide what suits better then you can take help from your favorite celebrity styles.

Gerard Pique is also one of such celebrities who always inspires his fans with his sexy hairdos. He is a Spanish Soccer Player who plays a centre-back for FC Barcelona and the Spain national team. Gerard Pique isn’t only famous for his aggressive gameplay but also because of his super cool, solid and attractive hairstyles. His naturally thick and lustrous hair can inspire anyone and make girls drooling over his irresistible personality.

Here we’ll provide you with a guide to duplicate Gerard Pique Hairdo because we want you to shine like this superhero.

Gerard Pique High Pompadour:

High Pompadour is one of the coolest hairstyles which is known for its volume and dazzling effect. If you have naturally thick hairs like your favourite soccer player then you can style yourself in this haircut, because high pompadour requires plenty of hairs that’s been marginally cut from sides and back of the head as compared to the top. The fringe at the crown of the head is kept longer for styling and giving a high pompadour effect. Using pomade and other hair products embellish the look of Gerard Pique High Pompadour.

Gerard Pique Side Parted:

An evergreen and everlasting hairdo which is in fashion since ancient times and still has the ability to give you chic and executive look. If you have medium length hair and you don’t have any clue to style them then close your eyes and set your hair on sideways. You are all set to go. Gerard Pique side-parted hairstyle is quite famous, if you want to style your hair like this then keep relatively medium length hair. Do not shave your head from sides keep relatively small hair on sides covering your head well and style top hair on one side of the head. Added texture to the top hairs will increase more drama and gives a smashing effect to your personality.

Gerard Pique Undercut:

A simple and classic hairdo for those who want to keep things simple yet trendy. This is an everlasting hairstyle with short sides and a long-styled top. This is hairstyle for those who want variation with least efforts, all you have to do is to cut short your hair from sides and add a textured effect on the end of your hair to get more voluminous and lively effect. You can style the top fringe backwards with a little amount of pomade or gel.

Gerard Pique short Spikes:

Spikes hairstyles for men emerged in the 90’s and instantly got popularity which is still in the air. No advancement in hairstyles could bring down the popularity of spiky hair for men. Gerard Pique is also a fan of short spikes, because of its low maintenance and easy to wear in fields it has remained a popular choice for sports celebrities.

Short hair spikes combined with fade or undercut on the sides can keep your look simple and neat and you will flaunt like your favourite soccer star.

Gerard Pique Crew cut with Beard:

Another stylish practical hairstyle for the soccer player which requires medium to no maintenance. Gerard Pique wears a crew cut in most adorable and stylish way with the beard and gives his fan another stunning idea of haircut with alluring facial hair.

Gerard Pique Haircut 2018


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